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January’s Meeting, Hamfest, and Winter Field day

Next meeting is Feb 12, at 7pm.
Jon Clark (KG5FRX) will be giving a presentation
on Station Hardening in the event of an EMP.

Hamfest is on Jan 25 - 26

Winter Field Day is Jan 26 - 27

Media Team

The Association not only maintains this website but also a telephone number, email address, and several social media outlets. CMSARA regularly issues press releases to the media to alert them to Association-sponsored events and activities that may be of interest to the general public. It became clear that this was far more than a one-person set of tasks. The CMSARA Media Team handles many of these tasks. The members include the following members and their responsibilities.

Media Team



Rusty Yates, Social Media Master

Rusty Yates KG5FSA created and maintains the various social media portals for CMSARA. These include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. He is an IT professional by day which adds considerably to the Association’s capabilities to leverage information technology in amateur radio deployments. Rusty coordinates very closely with Brady KA7KWJ on maintaining a consistent “look-and-feel” of CMSARA’s social branding of information dissemination.                                                                                                                                                          


Brady Aldrich, Webmaster

Brady Aldrich KA7KWJ is the webmaster for the Association. He maintains the website built by Frank Howell and works with Rusty Yates KG5FSA to keep the club up to date. Brady is a professional broadcast engineer by day and has worked in television news for 15 years, which gives him the added capability of some of the video and audio needs of the club.



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