Leadership Team

The history of CMSARA is that it was founded to be more of an “association” than a “club” of amateur radio enthusiasts. Many clubs suffer from issues of authoritarianism (it’s the “officers” club), elitistism (e.g., Extra Class operators are superior to Technicians; No-Code licensees aren’t ‘real’ hams’), and being too tradition-bound (meet-and-eat clubs is what we’ve “always” done). CMSARA was organized to be less of a club and more of an organized group of ham radio enthusiasts and to be activity-oriented. In short, we do stuff!

As a result, CMSARA makes sure that it is the membership that “owns” the group. Officers and members of the Board of Directors are elected to serve the membership. Presidents are limited to two consecutive terms. Board meetings are open to the membership. ARES officials, such as the county Emergency Coordinator, are appointed by the Section Manager of the American Radio Relay League. New ideas are welcomed, encouraged and supported by others in the group.



Quinton Frasier KW5TON

Quinton Frasier KW5TON, 

Past President

J. Richard Lawrence W5EZX

J. Richard Lawrence W5EZX, was licensed in 2010 in Brandon, Mississippi. He’s served over forty years in various public safety positions including firefighter, EMT, law enforcement officer, criminal prosecutor and, for the last 15 years, In-house Legal Counsel for the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department. He also spent six years as a Corpsman with the Marine Corps Reserve and two years as a Flight Medic on a medevac helicopter with the Mississippi Army National Guard. He’s currently semi-retired and works part-time for the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department. Richard is also a member of ARES and enjoys assisting the community with emergency and event radio operations. He’ll be leaving Mississippi within the year. We wish him and his family all the best in their future. Go with our thanks and Prayers.

Vice President for Special Events

JD Toony K5HH

JD Toony K5HH

Vice President for Programming

Mike McKay N5DU

Mike McKay N5DU

Secretary & Treasurer

Bob Burt KG5ZDZ

Bob Burt KG5ZDZo

VE Liason

Brian Alexander W5SSJ

Brian Alexander W5SSJ

Board Directors

Bob Bullock K5RWB

Mike Hampton KG5SJD