CMSARA Member Badges and Clothing


Rick NV5A

Official Member Badges

We have contracted with The Sign Man of Baton Rouge, LA to produce our official member badges with the “branding” colors and logo. To emphasize our look-and-feel, a white background was chosen with our green and gold colors for lettering and the recently adopted CMSARA logo on the upper left sector of the rectangular badge. Here is a sample image:


Sample of Official CMSARA Member Badge with Alligator Clip Option

To order, go to this link on The Sign Man’s website and go through the ordering procedure. This link is a special page just for CMSARA! Rick has a number of clasp mechanisms to choose from, including a magnet plate, an alligator clip, and accompanying lanyards as well as a host of other related items at competitive prices. A fellow ham, Rick Pourciau NV5A, always aims to please customers. CMSARA Badges NOW READY for ordering!

Official CMSARA Clothing

We have no single vendor with which we order official CMSARA shirts or caps. However, we have identified one online vendor,, that some have successfully ordered emgroidered polo shirts of similar quality to those offered by the ARRL with their logo workmarks on them. Members may place an order for a custom shirt or cap through by taking the following steps. 

Our vendor for this item is VistaPrint (see If you want to order it directly from them, use the files shown below to customize their Forest Green Polo Shirt product with CMSARA content. For your ease, we have produced a step-by-step guide to ordering this dark green polo shirt through It is in PDF format and available here. #wedostuff!

Sample Embroidered Polo Shirt

Sample CMSARA Polo Shirt (with Name, Call Sign)

Sample CMSARA Polo Shirt (with Name, Call Sign)

If you wish to order a higher quality, “wicking” type cloth, polo shirt or perhaps another type of clothing, such as a baseball cap or more formal dress shirt, we have provided the official logo and symbol graphic files below for your use. Please download them as a zipped library, extract the files on your PC, and use the one you wish to as you order official CMSARA clothing (or other) items on your own. We do not support these purchases but access to these files do give you the flexibility to sport your CMSARA pride in a way you choose to do so. 

Files included in the zipped library contain multiple common file formats of the following (PNG, PSD). Download the zipped library of graphics files here.

Official Logo

Official Logo


Shirt Signature #wedostuff

Shirt Signature / #wedostuff slogan


#wedostuff slogan

#wedostuff slogan