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Next Association Meeting

Next association meeting is Tuesday, October 9th at 7:00pm. Board elections will be held at this meeting. Positions that will be open and need filled next month are: President, Vice-President for Programs, Vice-President for Special Events, Secretary, Treasurer, and two “non-officer” members on the Board of Directors. ALL board positions are open and need YOU!
egular license testing will be available at this meeting.

Area Repeaters

Repeater Congestion?

Repeater Congestion?

In Mississippi, there are over 200 repeater installations based upon several online compilations, including the ARRL MS Section website. There is a concerted effort by the official frequency coordinating body, SERA, to update the coordinated data records of existing repeaters. Much of this involves deleting “ghost” repeaters no longer on the air while updating those simply not officially coordinated. We will update these listings once the SERA update cycle has been completed and more is known via the ARRL Repeater Directory. In addition, there are website with crowd-sourced repeater listings: Repeater Book, ArtSci, K5EHX, among others.

We recommend using the free and open-source software CHIRP to program your HT, mobile, or base radio if possible. Download CHIRP software here.

A PDF file of known repeaters in the Central Mississippi area has been compiled by ARES Net Control Operator Michelle Singleton KG5AVT and Dana Pierce KF5WDL. Download it here. Please send any corrections, additions, or deletions to Michelle KG5AVT at kg5avt (at) gmail.com.

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