Rankin Co ARES to Participate in SET

The Rankin County ARES team, led by Emergency Coordinator Mike Flanagan WM5A and Asst EC Mike Dancey WX5H, will fully participate in the ARRL MS Section Simulated Emergency Test (SET). A planning meeting held on Tuesday, August 3, 2015, at the Gluckstadt technology company L3 Communications facilitated the planning. Robert Hayes KC5IMN, District 1 EC, and Malcolm Keown W5XX, Section Director, gave presentations about the SET and it’s fundamentals as organized by the new Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator, Rez Johnson K1REZ.

Rez has prepared an initial website for the Section ARES organization, located at msares.org. The full set of documents for this Saturday’s SET can be found at this link. Please review some or all of these planning documents before the SET on Saturday.

Here is an excerpt from the MSARES website on the importance of the exercise on Saturday, August 7, 2015:


For several months MS ARES has been working behind the scenes on the state level creating a scenario for the 2015 Simulated Emergency Test and designing a plan for our District and County Emergency Coordinators and Net Managers to use to lead their teams to pass this important annual test.

As you already know, the annual SET is the biggest and most important day of the year for ARES members in Mississippi. This is the one day each year when all of our ARES leaders and team members work together to test our capabilities to pass local, county wide, district wide and statewide emergency messages on behalf of and between the agencies we serve.

The annual SET is also the biggest and most important day of the year for Mississippi’s Section Nets andLocal Nets. This is the one day each year when all of our Net Managers, Net Control Stations, Traffic Handlers, Official Emergency Stations, and Official Relay Stations work together to test the strength or their nets to pass traffic.

ARRL has detrmined the criteria they want tested during the SET and has assigns points that each of these criteria are worth. How a Net or ARES Team performs in each of these criteria reveal their emergency communications strengths and weaknesses.

The purpose of this annual test is to give us feedback on how prepared our state and local Nets and state, district, and county ARES teams are to handle emergency traffic during a real emergency or disaster. This allows us to spot any weak areas which need to be worked on and corrected before a real emergency occurs. By holding this test on August 8, we are also making sure our skills are sharp and we are well prepared for hurricane season, which begins peaking, in mid August to early September in the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

Since this test is the most important ARRL and ARES event of the year in Mississippi, and the one by which our success is largely measured, we would like for each and every DEC, EC, and Net Manager to participate.

Thank you for your commitment to serve the communities and counties in Mississippi with your Amateur Radio communications equipment and skills.

Mississippi ARRL Section Manager: Malcolm Keown (W5XX)

Mississippi ARES Assist. Section Emergency Coordinator: Rez Johnson (K1REZ)

Updated: August 4, 2015 — 12:29 pm