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Next club meeting is Tuesday, February 14th at 7:00pm. The program will be Back to Basics - Using a Multimeter in the Ham Shack. Regular license testing will be available at this meeting. NOTE: The February meeting is at the normal location (Rankin County EOC).

CMSARA Supports the Susan G. Koman Race, 2016

Sixteen times before, crowds have gathered in support and still…no cure. So on 9 April 2016 crowds converged on the grounds of the Old Capitol Museum and War Memorial to pursue that elusive goal.

Once again, the Central Mississippi Amateur Radio Association (CMSARA), an official sponsor, was on hand to provide tactical radio communications for the 10K, 5K and 1 Mile events and their coordinators.

Ten radio operators, strategically located along the race routes, were expertly directed by the talents of veteran Net Control Station Operator – Mike McKay (N5DU).

From the steps of the Old Capitol to the New Capitol, South, continuing through the heart of the city and then West on Pearl Street, amateur radio operators transmitted reports ranging from the simple to the critical. From the needs of water resupply, to Law Enforcement to better safeguard the race participants from wayward auto traffic, to tracking the last runners on the course, CMSARA radio operators provided time-critical, logistic information to race coordinators to ensure the overall safety and success of this important charity event. By Federal law, amateur radio operators do not charge for their communications as they donate them as a public service.

A radio communication mission such as this requires the resources of the amateur radio community as a whole. The Jackson Amateur Radio Club graciously allowed the use of two of their 2 meter repeaters and even linked them together for greater area saturation and communication stability.

Recognition for their service is as follows:

1. Net Control Station: Mike McKay (N5DU)
2. Trail Vehicle & APRS: Mike Flanagan (WM5A)
3. Timing Chips & APRS: Mike Dancey (WX5H)
4. Liaison Duty: Dana Pierce (KF5WDL)
5. Water Stations & 10k-5k Split: Robert Errington (KF5IZ), Pat Kelly (KF5TNV), James McCarty (AG5CL), Jodie Phillips (KC5IIW), William Ray (KG5IIS), Brooke Ridge (KG5JAW)

Here are some pictures taken throughout the event:

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