CMSARA Adopts New Logo

At the July meeting, the CMSARA membership received a report from the Board of Directors regarding the recommended adoption of an official logo representing the Association. The previously used logo was simply something constructed ad hoc years ago.

The Association’s volunteer webmaster, Frank K4FMH, presented a report he had prepared on “market branding” and the Central MS Amateur Radio Association. He said, “Our brand is derived from who we are, who we want to be and who people perceive us to be.” Using the position taken by the American Marketing Association, Frank went further in presenting the candidate logo to those in attendance.


K4FMH showing CMSARA market area

“The results I reported on in the ARRL Delta Division Survey Report in 2013 show that amateur operators will drive an average of 10 miles to attend club or association meetings whereas a significant fraction report driving 25 miles or more, passing other less attractive clubs to participate in the one they perceive an attraction to its activities. I believe that branding—that is, what a club says about itself and actually produces in its activities and interactions—is a critical element stimulating this behavior on the part of participating amateur radio operations. And, as this report shows, it may be what shapes non-participation as well!”


Terms Used by Board to Describe CMSARA

The previous logo used the familiar state outline with a radiating beam antenna, something fairly ubiquitous among amateur radio organizations. During a previous Board meeting, Howell asked those in attendance to write a single word that best describes CMSARA to them. These were done without discussion to keep them independent of each other. He used these symbolic interpretations by the Association’s leadership to construct three candidate logo sketches. Howell said, “A summary of these identities of the Association might be as follows. Together, CMSARA serves the region’s communities through enjoyable activities using new and innovative technologies. In short, CMSARA ‘does stuff’ helping others and having fun.

The Board chose among the three at the follow-up monthly meeting to determine one to be recommended for consideration by the membership. Those at the July regular Association meeting overwhelmingly adopted the new logo design as the official one for CMSARA.

Previous Logo

Previous Logo

New  Official Logo

New Official Logo

Updated: July 28, 2015 — 3:53 pm