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Association Launches Social Media Presence

Continuing the Board initiative on “branding” the CMSARA, the Association has launched a presence on social media. And, with a new member taking the lead!


Rusty KG5FSA

Rusty Yates KG5FSA recently joined CMSARA and volunteered to help out any way he could. Rusty is an IT professional at UMMC in Jackson. When he learned from Frank K4FMH, the webmaster, that the Association wanted to extend its marketing “brand” into social media, he volunteered to take the lead on it. Quickly, we now have a significant presence. “It is really great when the Association allows new members to get involved quickly with the talents they bring to the table. It was just a couple of months ago that the Board pondered continuing our “brand” by expanding our social media presence! It’s even better when a new ham and member volunteers to stand and deliver on those needs,” said President Mike McKay N5DU.

“When Frank K4FMH told me about the interest in expanding into social media, I told him I would be willing to take it on. But I said I didn’t want to barge in on someone else’s turf. He quickly assured me that no toes would be stepped on as CMSARA needed all the dance partners it could get! Everyone has been really friendly and interested in trying new ideas,” Rusty KG5FSA added.