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April’s Meeting

Next meeting is April 14, at 7pm.

Jon Clark AFE4MS will be giving a presentation of MARS operations.

The board will be meeting an hour before this, but all are welcome to join that too!

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Digital Voice? There is a Clearing in the Mist

Mike McKay N5DU

Mike McKay N5DU

At the May meeting, Mike McKay N5DU gave a good, down to earth, presentation of the various options available to amateur radio operators involving digital voice communications in the VHF and UHF bands (and higher frequency). N5DU focused on developments in Central Mississippi, the coverage area for the Association. Being a practicing attorney, Mike spends his days getting to the heart of the (legal) matter! It showed in his informative talk to those in attendance at the Rankin County EOC / MSU Extension Service auditorium.

“Digital voice gives the amateur a much greater fidelity in the transmission of messages,” said N5DU. But, he added, it tends to be an on or off condition as the digital signal drops out sharply relative to conventional FM analog. The data capabilities are growing with the ability to send pictures and other forms of communication. (more…)

President’s Corner

President McKay

President McKay

This is an exciting time for amateur radio.  In 1914 Hiram Percy Maxim, W1AW, formed the American Radio Relay League and for a century it has served the amateur radio community and promoted amateur radio in the United States and around the world.

As part of its Centennial celebration, the ARRL will have a number of on-the-air activities, including a year long QSO party and the operation of W1AW portable from all 50 states. Points are earned in the QSO party by working ARRL members, appointees,elected officials, W100AW, and Headquarters Staff. There are also opportunities to operate as W1AW portable during the assigned Mississippi times.

As another part of the celebration, ARRL has designated six events across the nation as “centennial sites.”  The closest one to us is probably the Huntsville Hamfest, which occurs on August 16-17, 2014, in Huntsville, Alabama.  If you have never been to a big Hamfest, this would be a good one to attend. Detailed information about the Huntsville Hamfest can be found at www.hamfest.org.

CMSARA is an ARRL affiliated club and throughout 2014 we will be observing the ARRL centennial in a number of ways. We begin at our regular January meeting, when Malcolm Keown, W5XX, our Mississippi Section Manager, will give us more information about the ARRL and the Centennial celebration.

Whether you are a CMSARA member or not, please join us throughout 2014 as we celebrate a century of the American Radio Relay League.


Mike McKay N5DU

President, CMSARA

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