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March Program: Gordo’s Got Game on ARES!


Gordo WB8NOA

Over 40 amateur radio enthusiasts crowded the ad hoc meeting place for the March meeting of CMSARA. Due to the Tuesday election, the Association moved it’s meeting to a conference room at the City of Brandon Municipal Building to welcome one of the most influential amateurs in the U.S. Gordon West WB8NOA brought his best “game” via Skype to educate those in attendance on the “care and feeding” of ARES teams. For an hour, Gordo demonstrated key procedures and issues facing ARES teams in California and around the U.S. using actual radio QSOs from emergency situations. Moreover, he shared with the crowd his suggestions for improving emergency radio teams as they grow and mature. 

Gordo complimented CMSARA’s motto of “We Do Stuff” as exemplary, saying that it’s important to keep engagement among ARES teams to keep their abilities sharp. By “doing stuff,” ARES teams have fun, the key to continual engagement. (more…)

Rankin Co ARES to Participate in SET

The Rankin County ARES team, led by Emergency Coordinator Mike Flanagan WM5A and Asst EC Mike Dancey WX5H, will fully participate in the ARRL MS Section Simulated Emergency Test (SET). A planning meeting held on Tuesday, August 3, 2015, at the Gluckstadt technology company L3 Communications facilitated the planning. Robert Hayes KC5IMN, District 1 EC, and Malcolm Keown W5XX, Section Director, gave presentations about the SET and it’s fundamentals as organized by the new Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator, Rez Johnson K1REZ.

Rez has prepared an initial website for the Section ARES organization, located at The full set of documents for this Saturday’s SET can be found at this link. Please review some or all of these planning documents before the SET on Saturday. (more…)

Global EmComm!

fiest_clideRemember the Haiti disaster? How about those in the Philippines? We all remember Katrina! The Salvation Army is a worldwide church who has a strong emphasis in disaster relief implemented through emergency communications. Bill Fiest WB8BZH attended the Global Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Conference held last year in nearby Huntsville, AL. He plays a prominent role in the Army’s emergency network, SATERN. (more…)