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April’s Meeting

Next meeting is April 14, at 7pm.

Jon Clark AFE4MS will be giving a presentation of MARS operations.

The board will be meeting an hour before this, but all are welcome to join that too!

ARES Tactical Resources

PD_0003We have constructed several resources for use during both training and practice by the Central Mississippi ARES groups. These include background GIS displays of the Central Mississippi Area, NOAA weather feeds of critical data, and other tools. Our team of ARES volunteers stand ready to serve to inform, protect, and cooperate with public officials and other volunteers—such as Skywarn and Stormspotter participants—in the Central Mississippi area and beyond. These individuals receive no pay for their daily work. Mississippi hams practice radio network training EVERY DAY of the year so that they are ready! However, CMSARA does accept donations to support the expensive communications technologies that go into making all of this happen. See the Join Us page for contact info and a PayPal button for a way to make easy donations of any amount. You don’t need to have a PayPal account to make contributions with a credit card through PayPal.

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