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January’s Meeting, Hamfest, and Winter Field day

Next meeting is Feb 12, at 7pm.
Jon Clark (KG5FRX) will be giving a presentation
on Station Hardening in the event of an EMP.

Hamfest is on Jan 25 - 26

Winter Field Day is Jan 26 - 27

E-mail Reflector Group

YahooLogoFor several years, CMSARA has maintained an older styled e-mail “group” on the Yahoo Groups website. The submitting e-mail address is “cmsara@yahoogroups.com” which is different from the old, and now retired, Yahoo Group maintained by the club. The URL is https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/CMSARA/info. Information about joining that list group can be found on that page.

Please take note of the default setting on Yahoo Groups: every email is immediately sent to your inbox. This is useful when CMSARA news is very timely. However, users may also just go to the Yahoo Group itself to read emails and their threads.

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