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eeting: November 14th at 7:00pm.  Stay tuned for program information. Regular license testing will be available at this meeting. Because of Halloween, the October board meeting will be on Tuesday, October 24th (for this month only).

Christmas Party, 2014

The annual CMSARA Christmas Party was held at Simply Southern in Pearl. President McKay was out of town due to a family medical event but Mike Flanagan did a great job substituting for him. Our after dinner speaker was fellow ham Bill Fiest WB8BZH. His fascinating talk told us a lot about the Jackson area Salvation Army and the common interests that the Army and CMSARA members have to assist those in need. A great time was had by all….cool door prizes were awarded, other freebies were given by Tommy Claus (K5TMA), and the food and service, as always, was spectacular.

A small but festive group attended the Christmas Party in 2014!
Dancy: did you get my steak?
Eric Anderson is thinking....is K4FMH ever going to shut up?
DX or food? This member made his choice!
Our waiter always gives CMSARA GREAT service at Simply Southern...these hams are not cheap with tipping here!
The class of the table: Bill K5BLL and his XYL, Marianne!
Wait a minute! Didn't James Dean die in a car crash? Or is that him disguised as W5MA? Only Mike's hair dresser knows for sure!
Mike W5MA was our EmCee, subbing for President McKay who was out of town on a family medical emergency. Great job!
Some ARRL guy showed up so we had to ask him to say a few words....
ARRL Guy getting his second wind....oh my, look at the time!
ARRL Guy finally saying, "In closing...."!
Bill Fiest, Salvation Army, was our after dinner speaker. Great speech!
Did you know that the Salvation Army was founded in London England to take the church to the streets?
Bill explains the many common interests between the ham community and the mission of the Salvation Army...
ARES Leader Eric Anderson also handles the door prizes...always an exciting moment in the CMSARA Christmas Party!
"You mean that I DON'T GET REIMBURSED for the door prizes this year?"
Keeping it fair-and-square, an innocent bystander is asked to draw the tickets...she tolerates ham radio well!
And the first winner is.....
I said, the winner is.....can't you people hear?
Tommy Claus dons his cap...but he's not settling down for a long Winter's nap!
OK, is this a Christmas Party or a remake of the movie, Norma Rae?
Tommy Claus delivers....just like Dominoes!
Mike W5MA paid the Webmaster to put another picture of him in the slideshow....

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