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Next Association Meeting

Next association m
eeting: November 14th at 7:00pm.  Stay tuned for program information. Regular license testing will be available at this meeting. Because of Halloween, the October board meeting will be on Tuesday, October 24th (for this month only).

Leadership Team

The history of CMSARA is that it was founded to be more of an “association” than a “club” of amateur radio enthusiasts. Many clubs suffer from issues of authoritarianism (it’s the “officers” club), elitistism (e.g., Extra Class operators are superior to Technicians; No-Code licensees aren’t ‘real’ hams’), and being too tradition-bound (meet-and-eat clubs is what we’ve “always” done). CMSARA was organized to be less of a club and more of an organized group of ham radio enthusiasts and to be activity-oriented. In short, we do stuff!

As a result, CMSARA makes sure that it is the membership that “owns” the group. Officers and members of the Board of Directors are elected to serve the membership. Presidents are limited to two consecutive terms. Board meetings are open to the membership. ARES officials, such as the county Emergency Coordinator, are appointed by the Section Manager of the American Radio Relay League. New ideas are welcomed, encouraged and supported by others in the group.



President Lawrence

J. Richard Lawrence KF5EZX, newly elected President.







Past-President Flanagan

Mike Flanagan W5MA, is Past-President, having served the maximum two terms. He was first licensed as a ham in 2003. He quickly joined the Volunteer Examiner (VE) team a year later as a Technician class, later upgrading to the Extra Class license. Mike enjoys contributing to public service activities and quickly joined the Rankin County ARES. After quickly learning the ropes via the Hurricane Katrina disaster in 2005, Mike became an Assistant Emergency Coordinator (AEC). In 2014, became the RACES Officer for Rankin County Emergency Management Authority. Mike enjoyed serving as CMSARA’s Special Events Coordinator which significantly prepared him to assume the role of President. He works as many events as his schedule permits. Mike’s input on club activities is widely respected throughout the membership.

Vice President for Special Events

William Ray KG5IIS

Vice President for Programming

Vice President Stanfill

Bill Stanfill K4YCD is the newly elected Vice President for Programming.






Tommy Alewine K5TMA


Secretary Bohlman

Richard Bohlman KG5QLS is the newly elected Secretary, serving his first term. No biographical sketch has been supplied. No biographical sketch has been supplied. No biographical sketch has been supplied. No biographical sketch has been supplied. No biographical sketch has been supplied. No biographical sketch has been supplied. No biographical sketch has been supplied. No biographical sketch has been supplied. No biographical sketch has been supplied. No biographical sketch has been supplied.

Board Members

Director Aldrich

Brady Aldrich KA7KWJ continues serving his first term. Brady also serves as the association webmaster. He is a technician class license holder, and member of the American Radio Relay League. Brady became a ham to help with disaster relief and recovery, as well as secondary communications during emergencies. In his professional life, he is a 20-year broadcast engineer. He and his wife Robyn live in Brandon with their 5 kids, and when he’s not on the air spends time serving in music and media ministry with his family.


Director Ridge

Brooke Ridge KG5JAW: Brooke has been a licensed ham operator since August of 2015, and achieved the goal of receiving his Extra Class license in September of 2016. He is an active member of the Rankin County ARES Net and is a Volunteer Examiner. He has participated in radio communications for public service events, and encourages and helps new ham operators learn how to operate their equipment and join in on local nets. He has also checked into the SKYWARN net during periods of hazardous weather in the area.

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