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May Meeting Program

Meeting Program:  Join for our second of two meetings were we get together and learn different construction methods of dipole antennas in preparation for Field Day. Regular license testing will be available at this meeting. 5/9 at 7:00pm.


Annual elections were held at the regular October membership meeting and incumbent President Mike Flanagan, WM5A, will be returning for a second term. Rusty Yates, KG5FSA, was elected Vice-President for Programming and William Ray, KG5IIS, was elected Vice President for Special Events. The Association’s long-time Secretary, Dave Van Horn, KE5MLL, will be returning for another term and Tommy Alewine, K5TMA, was elected as the incoming Treasurer of the Association. The team will be rounded out by directors Brady Aldrich, KG5OEB, and Brooke Ridge, KG5JAW.

Outgoing members of the leadership team were long time Association Treasurer Robert Errington, KF5IZ, Vice-President for Programming, Dr. Frank Howell, K4FMH, and Vice-President for Special Events, Dana Pierce, KF5WDL. Bob Bullock, K5RWB, also cycled off the Board as he had served the maximum two terms as a Director.

Regarding the elections, President Mike Flanagan, WM5A, stated: “we are excited about the new leadership team and appreciate their willingness to serve. Each of them has the commitment and skills needed to support the continued growth of the Association. On behalf of the new leadership team, I want to thank outgoing officers Dana Pierce, Frank Howell, Robert Errington, and Bob Bullock. Each of them provided strong leadership to the Association and helped advance amateur radio in central Mississippi. Although no longer on the Board of Directors, we look forward to their continued leadership in the Association.”

As a reminder, the Board of Directors meets at 6:30 p.m. on the last Tuesday of every month. These meetings are open to all members and we encourage all interested members to attend.

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