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Next Association Meeting

Next association m
eeting: November 14th at 7:00pm.  Stay tuned for program information. Regular license testing will be available at this meeting. Because of Halloween, the October board meeting will be on Tuesday, October 24th (for this month only).

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Emergency Communications Operations in CMSARA

January’s Association meeting featured emergency communications in Central Mississippi. Those in attendance heard about substantial statewide programs offered in each of the Magnolia State’s 82 counties by the MSU Extension Service. Tom Ball (MSU Extension Service) overviewed his program’s direct collaboration with the Department of Homeland Security, MEMA, and other first-responding agencies. The ARRL ARES District Coordinator for West Mississippi, Robert Hayes KC5IMN, gave an overview of the progress and struggles he has experienced since his appointment a year ago. He mentioned the Rankin County ARES team as a “shining light” in both his District as well as the State at-large. Finally, Brian Grantham of the Rankin County EOC represented the schedule speaker, EOC Director Bob Wedgeworth. He gave a succinct description of what his organization does in the facility shared with the MSU Extension Service, the location where CMSARA holds it’s monthly and special meetings. The Rankin County EOC is particularly supportive of it’s collaboration with the ARES team supported by CMSARA. (more…)

CMSARA Donates Yaesu Fusion Repeater to Magnolia Intertie


Mike WM5A Presiding at January 2016 Meeting

At their January 2016 meeting, President Mike Flanagan WM5A announced that since the December meeting, he and the Association’s Board of Directors had raised funds to donate a Yaesu Fusion DR1X Repeater to the Magnolia Intertie Inc. “We had to do this in a hurry in order to make the December 31, 2015 deadline for the $500 deep-discount program that Yaesu has graciously offered the Intertie,” said Mike WM5A. He was recently appointed to the Magnolia Intertie Board of Directors and chairs a new Emergency Communications Working Group they are creating in the near future.

“Due to the generosity of groups like the Central Mississippi Amateur Radio Association,” said Mike McKay N5DU, Secretary-Treasurer of the Intertie, “we were able to order seven Yaesu Fusion repeaters in December.” Intertie President Frank Howell K4FMH added, “CMSARA joins the Scott County Amateur Radio Club in supporting the emerging Backbone Radio System as SCARC donated a Yaesu Fusion repeater that is now operational on a commercial tower south of Newton along the I-20 East corridor. (more…)

CMSARA Christmas Party, 2015

Clearly, a good time was had by all in attendance at this year’s CMSARA party celebrating Christmas. We had important guests from the Mississippi Hospital Association, Mississippi Public Broadcasting, and the Salvation Army who attended and enjoyed fellowship with us. Prizes were graciously awarded by the VE Team from their funds accrued during the year. We acknowledged our VE “Master”, Bill White K5BLL, who passed the Century mark for VE Test Sessions at 103 and counting. In a new wrinkle, our President Mike WM5A was in Hickory NC on a work training assignment but who joined us by telephone to welcome everyone and wish the group Merry Christmas. A boom box was filling the meeting room with seasonal music. Past President Mike N5DU, filling in for WM5A, recognized the many events that the Association experienced this past year. It was a party as you can see in the slideshow below…

Order your CMSARA stuff!

A few officers were sporting their new CMSARA green-and-gold polo shirts at November’s meeting! We have had numerous questions about how to purchase them. A special page on this website has been created to guide members through ordering their own at VistaPrint.com. It is here:

CMSARA Polo Shirt

CMSARA Polo Shirt

CMSARA Webpage for Badge & Clothing Orders 

There is a PDF document with a stepXstep gude to use in getting our official graphics files downloaded to your PC and uploaded to VistaPrint.com with your name and call sign to be included in the embroidered design. The polo shirt is of similar quality and style as those sold by the ARRL.

Other Association items may be ordered using the official logo files from this webpage link above. We have successfully ordered mouse pads and so forth from the VistaPrint.com inventory. Show your CMSARA membership pride while we are doing stuff!

Catching Waves…on the Oscilloscope!


Tom AE5I

Tom Brown AE5I gave Part 2 of his oscilloscope series at the November CMSARA meeting. It was a tour de force of many types of scopes with examples of all! He went “off computer” without slides this time but annotated pictures of each piece of equipment are in the offing and will be posted in an updated version of this post on the CMSARA website. Keep your horizontal and vertical in adjustment to CMSARA.org!

Here is a slideshow of the event using pictures from our official photographer, Bob Bullock K5RWB:

and the video is available here:

ARRL “Clarity on Amateur Radio Parity” Statement Separates Fact from Fiction

(Webmaster Note: taken from ARRL.org)

The ARRL has taken steps to address objections and concerns recently raised by representatives of community associations about the Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2015 — H.R. 1301 and S. 1685. A statement released on August 28, “Clarity on Amateur Radio Parity,” makes it clear that the bill would not create new federal policy with respect to outdoor amateur antennas. As it points out, the FCC already recognizes a strong federal interest in effective Amateur Radio communication from residences and has adopted a limited preemption of state and local regulation of Amateur Radio antennas. The Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2015 would extend the limited preemption to private land-use restrictions. (more…)

Field Day 2015

Global EmComm!

fiest_clideRemember the Haiti disaster? How about those in the Philippines? We all remember Katrina! The Salvation Army is a worldwide church who has a strong emphasis in disaster relief implemented through emergency communications. Bill Fiest WB8BZH attended the Global Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Conference held last year in nearby Huntsville, AL. He plays a prominent role in the Army’s emergency network, SATERN. (more…)

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